Fewer crumbs from a macaron.

Dear Feastlings,
While yesterday’s lamentation was at least figuratively about a cookie, and sine we’re all eating our feelings these days anyhow, I thought it behooved us to mention that Alex in the kitchen took it upon himslef to make something a bit less crumbly today- chocolate macarons with a milk chocolate-plum filling. If you’re unfamiliar, a macaron is not to be confused with a macaroon, the fluffy coconut treat with an extra “o” in the spelling, but I’d point out to you of the gluten-free lifestyle that neither cookie has even a hint of flour, so you’re in good shape if you swing by and grab one of the tastier sandwich cookies you’ll ever consume. They’ve been posted on our social media, something I haven’t really specialized in much of late, so they may very well disappear quickly, but if they do, we’ll have learned that you like them, and we should likely make more.

You also appear to like helping your fellow citizens of Planet Earth, as evidenced by the fact that even though we’ve been around with our hand out since last April, you’ve still been contributing to our food donation runs. Things have changed, to be sure, and we’ve gone back to the same well about 35 times now during the course of the pandemic, and each time, thanks to you, we’ve pulled up a relatively full bucket, and it’s kept us all gainfully employed. If you’re interested in helping out, or in Casa Alitas, here’s the scoop on what we’re doing.

Next week’s donation run: Casa Alitas

They’re remarkable people, doing remarkable things.

There’s also no harm in doing the occasional kindness for yourself, so if you’re up for a wine tasting this Saturday (or thereafter,) here’s a bit about what we’ll be tasting:

Noaky dokey

And I’ll point this out, as I’ve now heard from no small number of you that tasting wine on a Saturday afternoon rather demotivates you for the rest of the day, and so you pass. And while we have a bunch who are happy to tipple a bit on a weekend afternoon, we do have some people like you, who can’t bring themselves to do it, so they’ve hit upon a solution: watch it later. You can order your samples and take them home and pop them in the fridge, then log into the tasting at 2 on Saturday. Flag me down in the chat and let me know you want to record the meeting and I’ll grant you permission, and Voila! You can watch at your leisure. It’s Wine Tivo.

That sums up what’s happening in our near future, and doggone it, we’d love to see you, whether it’s in two or three dimensions, so feel free to pick up the phone and call us at 326-9363. You can do something nice for yourself, a loved one, or a complete stranger, and no matter which one you do, my guess is that you’ll feel better for having done it. Stay well, everybody.



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