They shall remain nameless.

Dear Feastlings,
If you’re thinking you should have gotten this email some time ago, you’re right. If you’re thinking our phones should work and we should be able to process credit cards, you’re right about that as well. If you think I should be able to access my payroll information so I can tell the auditor who’s pestering me to make sure I didn’t lie about start dates for staff who’ve applied for a mortgage loan to leave me in peace, that would also be correct. But the company that supplies us with internet and phone is, well, not supplying us with internet and phone. But they shall remain nameless.

I’m not going to bellyache to you about our phone and internet service- instead, I’ll just tell you that we evidently have those only intermittently, despite being told that there was a backup plan put into place last December. There isn’t, so if you need to get in touch, or we need to run your credit card, or our business needs to operate in a normal way, all I can do at this point is offer you my condolences. And honestly, if that’s the worst of my problems, I’ll be happy as a lark. A lark, I say to you. In the meantime, if you want a recommendation for a telephone and internet company, I don’t have one.

If you want a recommendation for a friend, I recommend Jeff and Murph over at Kingfisher- they’re lending us the meat grinder attachment to their mixer, since one of our dishwashers was evidently trained by the buy who outfitted us with backup phone and internet, and has lost the blade. And if you want sausage in your cassoulet tomorrow? You’re going to want a blade. Or want us to have one, anyway.

This talk of cassoulet, in the event you’ve not been reading the recent emails, is in reference to the fact that tomorrow is Bastille Day, and you’ll likely want some French delicacies and accompanying wines. And you’ll get them, that is, if we get that blade in the next hour or so and the sole that was supposed to arrive today arrives tomorrow. But that’s all anybody’s guess at this point. Frustrated is the new Fantastic. Crappy is the new Not So Bad. But whatever happens with supply lines, missing parts, ingredients and friends, there’ll be SOMEthing going on here tomorrow, and you’re invited. Take a look:

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.”- Bastille Day specials

And there’ll be something going on come Saturday as well, be it a wine tasting

Take me to the river

or a benefit and celebration for Mobile Meals of Southern Arizona/

Here, there and everywhere: Mobile Meals 50th anniversary dinner

and if you’re the sort to avoid hubbub, then join us tonight, or Thursday, or Friday, when there’s less in the works:

We’ll be happy to have you join us regardless.


Your friends at Feast

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