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Dear Feastlings,
Those of you who’ve known us for longer than the past year and a half know our habits, and even though the pandemic and our reactions to it are beginning to wind down, normal is still only on the horizon for some of us. Shortages and supply line issues are still a big chunk of our day around here, and likely for many of you as well, and the post-pandemic question mark about dining out has joined forces with the dearth of summer business to keep us from doing what we normally do. So for the handful of you who’ve checked in to see if we’re doing the summer request thing, the answer is: well, not really.

For those of you unfamiliar, in a normal summer, we scare up what business we can by changing a portion of the menu each week to accommodate five or six of your requests for dishes you’ve enjoyed here before, or even for dishes you haven’t. Crawfish etouffee usually finds its way onto the menu in the summer, and lobster bread pudding, crispy duck salad and a host of other favorites, but this summer, like last summer, we’re hard pressed to guess at how many of any one dish we might sell, and at whether the ingredients will arrive as promised, when promised. This confluence of various risks means we won’t be throwing good money after bad and taking a stab and what will sell, what won’t, when our trucks will arrive, and when everyone’s going to disappear to San Diego- it’s never easy to guess at even in the best of circumstances, and this year we’re in no position to risk thirteen weeks of ever-changing menus within our already ever-changing menu. We will, however, offer some of our most requested dishes as specials, which means it behooves you all to take a peek at the website now and again, or open my pesky emails and see what’s up.

We’ll also do the summer menus you’ve grown accustomed to- Father’s Day (June 20) will have a special menu alongside our regular menu, as will the Bonfires of San Juan (June 23,) Bastille Day (July 14,) Ferragosto (August 15) and whatever other holiday we can scare up as an excuse to make something delicious.

As for the immediate future, you’ll see that we have a wine tasting tomorrow afternoon, as per usual,

Get savvy about Sauvignon Blanc

and our normal food


and drink


and we’ll keep offering our summer discount in the shop- ten percent off any six bottles, mix and match- and if you fall in love with a bottle of wine you have at the table and take a second bottle home, we’ll waive the corkage on the first one, so you’re drinking wine at retail price in a restaurant where you don’t have to do the dishes afterward. There’ll be more, to be certain, and we’ll keep you posted about it, but meanwhile, we hope you remain well and happy, and that you drop in to say hello from time to time, and maybe grab something to eat or drink, or both. See you soon.

Your friends at Feast

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