Your trip home to Chicago, I’m guessing

Dear Feastlings,
I’ve been emailing our presenters for this weekend’s wine tastings, and found myself a wee bit dejected, as I’ve told them we usually have 80 people or so attending the Sunday tastings, and fifty or sixty attending the Saturday tastings.  When I tallied them up and found we’ve only got 31 people so far on Sunday’s tasting, I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach- the one where everything is about not to turn out all right- so I’m sending this reminder, along with a warning that I intend to be relentless.  Sunday’s tasting will be great fun, with really interesting folk chiming in from California and Oregon (many of you remember Peter Molnar, whose family have been coopers of Hungarian oak barrels for generations? He’ll be back with the Cabernet whose virtues were extolled by David Ramey at that tasting.  You know, David Ramey.  Of Ramey?)  Plus people from Copain, Domaine Eden and the Eyrie Vineyards.  Here’s the tasting, and I encourage you to check this tasting
out.  But I have a feeling many of you who visit throughout the cooler months from the Midwest have returned to their summer dwellings. But boy, do I hope that’s not the case, and that you’re all waiting until the last minute to sign up for the Last Sunday tasting, “the special place within.”

Likewise, I hope you’ll join us for our Saturday tasting as well, the one with wineries from the Sierra Foothills and El Dorado County.  It’s a perfect way to get your feet wet before the Sunday tasting:

Whatever you do, I’d suggest you join us for one last tasting before you head to cooler climes.  Give us a buzz; our number is 326-9363, and we’re already nervous that you’ve all drifted away to summer homes, but we’d love to see you one last time if you can join us.  The wines are really fun, and so are we, though admittedly to a lesser extent than the wines.
Plus there’s food,


and baked goods

(you already saw this one.)

In any case, we’d love to see you before you go, and I’ve already talked it up the the people form the wineries, so come keep me from looking like my proverbial pants are on proverbial fire.  We miss you, anyhow.  So now you have multiple reasons.  Thanks, everyone.

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