Scratching the grey whiskers away

Dear Feastlings,
As often as I find myself scrambling at the last minute because of my own procrastination, there are days like today, where I find it comes instead from my overcommitment. Still, even though time management has never been a specialty of mine, in nearly twenty years, only once has a new menu come out late. This Tuesday will not be the second time. That said, I have a lot of chin-scratching to do in a very short time. So much, in fact, in so short a time, that even though I’m certain some of you will send suggestions, they’ll likely go unanswered until we’ve gotten it all squared away. it’s nothing at all personal- there’s much to be considered, though, like whether we’ll be able to get the ingredients consistently for the next three months, whether the ingredients are already warehoused in Arizona (or are in season at all,) and other logistical and pricing-related concerns. And yes, I’ve already gotten no small amount of feedback about putting versions of dishes from the wine tastings on the menu, and yes again, some of them will eventually make it there, though when and how is another matter. Either way, the menu will continue to change each month, so there’s always the chance that the dish you want will eventually peek out at you on the page.
Meanwhile, here’s a quick hello to remind you that the new menu begins on the first Tuesday of the month, whereupon you’ll see what we’ve come up with. But for now, here’s a link to tomorrow’s wine tasting, where we’ll be visited by someone from the future, i.e., across the international dateline (so be sure to thank him for working on Easter)

Awesome and Aussie

and here’s a link to the March menu, which will continue throughout the weekend, and you’ll be able to order from it on Easter, even if you’ve already ordered some Easter food.

I’ll also mention again that we’re going to the Primavera Men’s Shelter next week, and if you feel like contributing, please know that it will be appreciated by the people we feed, certainly, as well as by the staff and volunteers at the Primavera Foundation, and by the staff here at Feast as well.

Hot meals for those experiencing cold nights

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious chin-scratching to do.



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