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Dear Feastlings,
It’s a busy day today- I’m on my way to pick up pans that the U of A Student Union is graciously lending us, so that we can fill them with food for the hundreds of people trying to help get Tucson one step closer to herd immunity-

The only mall people are going to

and then there’ll be some adjustments to the menu for the event that I can’t post yet, but pencil in April 8 for a food-and-wine event to celebrate benefit Child & Family Resources. It’s their 50th anniversary and we’re putting together a fundraiser with them. I’ll tell you more about the event itself as it gets closer, but meanwhile, if you’re not familiar with their good works, here’s a look:


There’s also just under two weeks left for *another* benefit for Nourish, and yes, the flyer is sideways, but you can lean left and see what this is all about as well:

A fundraiser for Nourish AND your favorite restaurants, whichever ones they may be

Please know I’m acutely aware that we keep dropping charitable event after charitable event into your collective lap, and as much as we appreciate it, we know it can get tiresome, so I’ll also mention this: there’s no harm in doing something nice for yourself either. And even better, it turns out that you can be nice to yourself while helping others at the same time. You can treat yourself to a wine tasting, for example,

While the cat’s away…

or a snack at Feast,


but you could also grab yourself something delicious down the street at Tito & Pep (in our former digs,)


or around the corner at Kingfisher,


or if it’s not food and drink you’re after, you can reward yourself with an objet d’art, or something cute and functional at Popcycle, for example,


The point is, there are scores, or more like hundreds, of small businesses you can support while doing something kind for yourself or your loved ones, and it will be more appreciated now than ever, as we all hustle to keep ourselves operating. So go out and do something nice- yes, for the community at large, but also for someone special to you, and for yourself. I’ve been watching you people and seeing more kindness and generosity than I could have guessed was out there- you deserve it.

Doug and thousand of other small business owners and employees

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