Good afternoon, Feastlings.
There’s hustle in the air today, around here at least. We’re hustling and working on how we can get the meals we’ve prepared to donate to volunteers at Banner to volunteers at the U of A mall instead. (If you didn’t read yesterday’s email, we didn’t know until we’d already gotten the meals prepared and largely cryovacked that the locations to which we’d have brought them today had neither refrigeration nor a means of heating the meals, so we’ll be trying again at Banner with meals that are ready to eat on the spot.)

Over 6,000 served

Then there’s the hustle to get Valentine’s Day orders squared away- today is the last day to order, and it’s a prix-fixe heat-it-yourself affair, with wine pairings if you’re interested. But if that sounds like more than you’re up for, you’re welcome to order just the entree(s) if you’d like, or just order from the regular menu- we’ll have Valentine specials on the regular menu as well all weekend.

Valentine’s Day

If you require a love-themed bottle and don’t want the pairings that are matched to the dinner, you’re also welcome to investigate four Valentine’s Day wines at this Saturday’s tasting. It looks like this:

I heart wine.

and if you’re like me, you eschew any holiday that more than a handful of people observe, so maybe you’re content just to pick up a little something from the regular menu on a day that decidedly ISN’T Valentine’s Day, and celebrate the fact that you don’t have to go out amongst throngs of other revelers.
Coming in the near future: more cryovac meals to tuck away, if you want to hoard something besides toilet paper and hand sanitizer; deliveries to our outlying hubs; another attempt at donating meals to Banner volunteers; and more wine tastings on the horizon. Is there such a thing as an Oxford semicolon?

Your friend,

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