As promised, more or less.

Dear Feastlings,
Well, I told you I’d have a Valentine’s Day menu for you by the end of the week, and now, at the eleventh hour, I humbly present it to you. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished today- I finished getting the Valentine’s Day menu sorted, I dealt with our bank and our plumber over vastly different but equally frustrating issues, and I chimed in to speak with our wine importer friend Sariya Jarasviroj of Circo Vino, and Sally Kane of the Coronet and some farther-flung folk to fill in Senator Mark Kelly’s office about the stress that we as importers, distributors, restaurateurs and retailers face over the wine tariffs that are still in place but are up for review next week. Fingers crossed for more affordable wine soon for everyone.  Here’s some light reading on that subject:


But you’re here for the valentine’s Day menu, I reckon, so here it is. It’s admittedly a little less voluptuous than a Normal Times Valentine’s Day menu, but if you’re not used to that by now, you clearly live in New Zealand or South Korea. Anyway, you’ve got the better part of a week to look it over and decide, and if the idea of heating up your own Valentine’s Day dinner holds no appeal for you, we’ll have specials available that day as well.

Valentine’s Day

There’s also tomorrow’s wine tasting, which requires substantially less prep time and therefore you can pick up samples all the way until 2:00 pm tomorrow, when the tasting begins:

Germanic but not necessarily German

There are fundraisers still going on as well, both the one for Nourish and restaurants

A fundraiser for Nourish AND your favorite restaurants, whichever ones they may be

and our own meal donation run to the vaccination volunteers at TMC and Banner both:

Over 6,000 served

and there’s of course our menu, including its specials, breads and pastries,

and no small selection of beverages from which to choose:


So we hope you’ll find something here that you’d enjoy- call us at 326-9363 if you have any questions.



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