Fifth time’s a charm.

Dear Feastlings,
I’ve now revised the heating instructions for tonight’s hors d’oeuvre assortment for the fifth time, some because of sloppy typing (I looked at yesterday’s email, peppered with typos and fragments, and apologized to my late grandmother, an English teacher who instilled in me habits that are to this day irritating to my relatives and coworkers.) But here it is, this time changed because the goat brie that arrived under the wire yesterday is a double cream, and therefore quicker to melt than the previous iteration of our heating instructions had assumed, so I beseech you to refresh this page if you’re the sort who, like my grandmother was, is impossibly organized and printed this out days ahead (there’s a trait I didn’t inherit- double recessive, maybe? My brother didn’t get it either, though my mom has it in spades):

It turns out that we had a couple of cancellations, and I think we got back to everyone on the waiting list, but in the event that you’d still like a set of hors d’oeuvres or the wine tastes that accompany them, you can give us a call AFTER 2:00 PM and we’ll be able to tell you whether we have any to spare.
Anyhow, there’s that. I’ll also note here that if you’ve missed your chance, or you’re looking for something more substantial (though I think of eight hors d’oeuvres as substantial, myself,) we’ve got a couple of New Year’s Eve specials available today as well. Bouillabaisse, for example, seems to have a notable following, and there’s a beef tenderloin special as well, with Pommes Anna made with some of the goose fat we rendered for Christmas, and some serious port-steeped duck liver pate. Here’s the menu in its entirety.

As is often the pandemicky case, there’s a limited supply of these items, so my suggestion, if you want to avoid rethinking what New Year’s resolution you’d had planned in favor of being more on the ball next year, would be to call sooner than later. The number is 326-9363, and we’d be happy to set something aside for you.
The last reminders I’d like to offer up this year would be first that there’s a Zoom wine tasting on the 2nd, boasting new wines for the new year,

New year, new to us, and so new to you.

and second, that we have one more meal donation run on the calendar next week, which will be followed closely by another hospital run that’s still being logistically negotiated, but which you’ll hear more about once it’s squared away.

Our next series of donation runs

And with that, I wrap up 2020’s missives, I hope. Unless I need to send another email out today explaining I’ve forgotten something else important.
Please, all of you, know that you’re appreciated, and that you’re dear to us, and that we wish you a new year that beats the tar out of 2020.


Every last person at Feast

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