A favor, if you might.

Dear Feastlings,
I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I forgot to mention it during the wine tastings this weekend, because, well, I’ve been a bit overstimulated for the past nine and a half months. But here’s the deal: our friendly neighborhood pandemic, coupled with a complete lack of communication from the distributor of the snap-top vials we use for our wine tastings, has put us behind another in a series of 8-balls, and not the Lucky 8-Ball kind that tells your fortune.
Our latest is that we’re sending out wine pairings with hors d’oeuvres on Thursday to those of you who’ve ordered them, and the distributor tells me that the vials I ordered on December 4th will be ready to ship to us- from Waltham, Massachusetts- on Thursday. So this, coupled with the fact that we have a wine tasting on Saturday, leaves us, like everyone else during the pandemic, woefully short of supplies.
Mercifully, we’re just a restaurant and not a hospital, so our shortage won’t be the end of the world- just the end of convenience for both ourselves and those of you who choose to indulge this week- but if, perchance, you’ve had some of those vials sitting on the kitchen counter and been meaning to return them to Feast to help us keep the prices of the tastings from climbing, today and tomorrow- and even Thursday- would be great days to drop them by. Thanks for that.
Here’s what the tasting is all about,

New year, new to us, and so new to you.

and sadly, it’s too late to order New Year’s Eve hors d’oeuvres because of even more supply line difficulties, but whatever the case, we’ve nearly gotten this year behind us and we couldn’t be more pleased. Meanwhile, there’s our usual assortment of menu and bakery items to be perused here, if you’d like.

Heck, with any luck, something on the menu sounds good to you and you can pick up when you’re dropping off your vials. And while the tasting is geared toward wines that are new to us, it turns out there are about a thousand wines that are less new to us but still more than a bit delicious.


Whatever the case, thank you for sticking with us during this year that has handed us over 110,000 restaurant closures and counting, and may you and the people dear to you remain safe and healthy into what we all hope will be a resoundingly better year than this past one.


Your friends at Feast

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