What you can still do today, and what you can’t.

Dear Feastlings,
There’s a wine tasting today, one that promises to be quite special, with food pairings and the whole nine yards, and as luck would have it, there’s still time to join us if you’d like. and we still have samples and snacks to offer. The tasting looks like this

Trust Your Importer with Joanie Karapetian of Rosenthal

and the number to call is 326-9363. And the Zoom information, if you’re only reading this far because you haven’t seen it yet, is here:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Trust Your Importer with Joanie Karapetian of Rosenthal
Time: Dec 27, 2020 03:30 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 846 3797 2281
Passcode: 584466

As luck would have it as well, though, today was theoretically the last day to order hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve, but as I mentioned yesterday, and as you’re likely already acutely aware, these are weird and difficult times, so we had to order the ingredients for this thing as long ago as two weeks ago, and with supply lines what they are during a pandemic- remember what they were like during the last pandemic?- we can’t get more of some of them. Goat brie, for example. In any case, it means we’ve sold out, and I wish I had more to offer, but if you were waiting until today to order, you’re learning the hard way that life can deal you something you weren’t expecting, as poor sweet Rene had to explain to someone on the phone last night who wasn’t having it, and told her it was ridiculous. I agree. It is ridiculous.
It’s ridiculous that I can’t pick up the phone and call my goat brie guy, and say, “Christian, have you got more goat brie?” and that he can’t answer me, “of course we do, Doug. How many more wheels would you like for tomorrow?” And it’s ridiculous that whoever imports the cheese doesn’t have more just waiting for Christian to demand it. And so on. So sadly, unless someone cancels their order, we’ve sold out of our potential New Year’s Eve specials a day early, and I’m sorry that we’re not in a position to fix that for you. My prescription: order more of the wine pairings that go with it. We still have a fair number of those. Though I’d note that we’re also over a barrel with the vial situation- I ordered three cases of them, and two cases of the large vials on December 4, and called the other day because I hadn’t seen them yet, only to discover that they will indeed be ready to ship. On New Year’s Eve. I felt like treating the guy at the lab supply company who sells us the vials the way that woman treated Rene last night, but I had either too much respect for him as a human being or not enough energy to holler at him.
Anyhow, I won’t even post the link to the New Year’s Eve menu here, since we’re effectively sold out, but maybe I should, since the wine pairings are still available. Though in rehashing all of this, I’m beginning to realize that it’s highly likely that I may well want to personally consume all of that wine at this point.
In the meanwhile, however, today’s tasting promises to be fun, and we’d love to have you join us.
We look forward to next week, when there’ll be other events to discuss- another tasting, a new menu, more donations and coming up on the horizon, our long-overdue trips to far-flung suburbs, where we haven’t been in a spell, since we’ve devoted the holiday time to taking a welcome drubbing. It’s good to feel busy on occasion. Thanks for that, everyone, and have a remarkably good new year.



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