So yes, I apologize- today’s the last day to order for Thanksgiving

Hello, Feastlings,
As much as I’d love for us to take Thanksgiving orders through Sunday as usual, we’re over a barrel. We’re maxed out, which is wonderful, but which also presents a host of difficulties. We literally have to open early and stay open late next Wednesday simply in order to accommodate the safe and not overcrowded pickup of Thanksgiving meals. Again, I’ve been getting calls saying “we’ll be calling again this weekend to order for Thanksgiving” and had to tell them that if they didn’t read yesterday’s email, they’ve nearly missed out but they still have today to order. I’m hoping that this one gets read in time, because either way, we’re going to have to brace ourselves for the onslaught of frustrated phone calls that come between tomorrow and Thanksgiving itself. If Covid doesn’t shut us down, dealing with scores of angry people might do the trick. Wish us luck, and if you plan on ordering Thanksgiving food, know that today’s the last day to do so. Here’s that menu one last time:

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

And a couple more items as well: this Saturday’s wine tasting info

Thanksgiving reds

the regular menu, and a hug from me before I scurry back to work.



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