Quick. I need a poem, a play and an opera.

Dear Feastlings,
My refrigeration guy, my wine rep and I may commit a triple suicide today. The refrigeration guy has been here five different days this week, working on our tragic ice machine. The part he needed arrived from Phoenix and after some delicate and artful soldering, it’s defective. He’s ready to bash a hole in something. My wine rep called and two wines in a row that we had slated for next week’s wine tasting have come up against delivery and supply issues. I’d bet he’s also interested in bashing a hole in something. And I’ve been on the phone and the computer all day (again, I don’t know how those of you whose job it is to work at a phone and computer all day do this) alternately handing out and receiving disappointments, and figuring out donations, deliveries we’re making, deliveries we’re receiving, and getting ingredients in for next week’s Learning Curve meal, which is going to be available come Sunday. What’s the Learning Curve thing I’m talking about? Next week, it’s a lecture with Jose Luis Gomez, Music Director at the Tucson Symphony Orchestra:

A Feast for the Senses – Mozart’s Menu

You also still have today and tomorrow to enjoy the one we’re doing with Cynthia Meier, Managing and Associate Artistic Director (and Co-Founder) of the Rogue Theatre:

A Feast for the Senses – Giving Life to Frankenstein

I’ve also been working on some tasty snacks to accompany the U of A Poetry Center’s 60th Anniversary Celebration, the snacks for which can be found here:

A few hors d’oeuvres for the Poetry Center’s 60th anniversary celebration.

and the other festivities for which can be found here.


(yes, we know their website says time has run out to register, but they’ve extended it. We promise.)

We also have our weekly wine tasting available for you tomorrow- you can order your samples up until 2 pm tomorrow, when it begins.

No filter

And there’s plenty of time left to donate Thanksgiving meals to students experiencing homelessness

Our next donation run- Youth on Their Own

and to order your own Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

Now. To talk myself, my wine rep and my refrigeration repairman down from this ledge. Maybe some inspiration will come from all the art I’m absorbing. Thanks, Art.


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