A few hors d’oeuvres for the Poetry Center’s 60th anniversary celebration.

Dear Feastlings,

The good people of the University of Arizona Poetry Center have been coming to Feast since it was wee, and we’ve been fans of theirs the whole time.  On November 17th, they’re celebrating their 60th anniversary, and they asked us if we’d offer a little snack to serve alongside the virtual festivities, and we’re delighted to.  We have no idea how many of you will want them, though, so we’re asking you to place your order in advance.  That is, you’ll need to order by Friday, November 13th to be assured of your assortment.  Here’s what will be included:

•phyllo “cigar” filled with pumpkin and Prosciutto

•mini onion tarte Tatin

•Parmesan potato puff with olive tapenade garnish

•mushroom stuffed with bleu cheese and walnuts

•the aforementioned poem

•heating instructions

•a poem

$10 plus tax and tip

We’re also offering a cocktail.  The Poetry Center has a tradition of carrot cake and lemonade (you’ll have to tune in to learn about that tradition,) and they’re providing their version in the box of goodies you get when you sign up* but we’re offering a some of our own takes on it as well:

•Parsnip cake with autumn spices, cultured mascarpone frosting and candied pine nuts.

•Quart of lavender lemonade (four 8-oz glasses or two pints.) ◊

•Half gallon of lavender lemonade (eight 8-oz glasses or four pints.) ◊

•Rosemary, Baby! (Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Árvero Limoncello, rosemary syrup, muddled rosemary and lemon.)

*How do you sign up?  You go to their website, where you’ll learn not only about this event, but the other ways they’re celebrating, and about the history of the Poetry Center.  Here’s the link.

It says the last day to sign up was October 29th, but I just spoke to Tyler Meier, the Executive Director of the Poetry Center, and he tells me they’re extending the deadline.  So now’s your moment.  Get some poetry in your life.

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