By the seat of one’s pants

Good morning, Feastlings.
All the effort we’re making arranging donated meals and wine tastings put us a bit behind, and we only just mentioned our upcoming delivery trips to our hubs yesterday, and it’s nearly time to start running them out. That means the window that only opened yesterday is already closing today, if you’re thinking of ordering food from us to be delivered to the northeast, east or west tomorrow. You have until 7:30 tonight to get your order in, and the list of hubs and when we’ll be at each one can be found here:


Hot on its heels will be our delivery to the north, and you have until tomorrow at the end of the day to order that. Here’s a list of those hubs and the times we’ll be in Marana and Oro Valley and thereabouts on Saturday:

The north forty

If it’s Green Valley or Academy Village you want to pick up at, you have until Saturday night to get your order in for Sunday:

Southern comfort (food.)

Meanwhile, of course, there’s plenty of time to order your samples for this Saturday’s tasting of Bordeaux alongside New World counterparts Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet. That tasting happens at 2:00 on Saturday.

Compare and contrast

And every day but Monday, you’re always encouraged to order anything from our regular menu, our wine list, and our cocktails.

See you soon, we hope.


The people of Feast

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