Squeak, squeak, squeak…/ ALSO: You count.

Dear Feastlings,
I know. No email yesterday. Because even though Sunday looked like life was good and I was all smiles, it took very little to jolt me back into my other reality, the one where I have four menus to write, where our storage shed was broken into again, where we’re trying to figure out how to schedule fairly, appropriately, and around all the new additional jobs the staff here has taken to make ends meet during the longest seven months we’ve faced since we’ve opened and probably likely not much better until this time next year. The hamster wheel in my head is squeaking, quickly and relentlessly, and it drowned out the alarm that was meant to remind me to send the email.
Not to worry, however. Today’s a new day, and I did get myself organized enough to post not only today’s menu, but also some notes about the upcoming deliveries to our various delivery hubs: Friday to the east, northeast and west,


Saturday to the north and northwest,

The north forty

and Sunday to the south and southeast.

Southern comfort (food.)

I also got this week’s wine tasting posted

Compare and contrast

and organized the other half of our delivery run- another 150 meals donated in large part by you (thank you!) to the Sister Jose Women’s Center. Plus I’ve got irons in the fire for upcoming donation runs, which I’ll tell you more about as they begin to fill in the calendar, so keep your eyes peeled to see where your generous donations are headed next. Meanwhile, though, we’ll see you when we run food out to your neighborhood, or when you stop in for a bite, or when you hop onto our zoom tasting on Saturday. And we look forward to it.

This email was all queued up to go out in just a few short minutes when I discovered that with the Supreme Court allowing the census to end early, tomorrow is the last day to be counted. If you’re a procrastinator, time’s up. Get yourself counted here.

You count.



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