A word to the wise is sufficient.

Hi, Feastlings.
We got our supply worries resolved the other day, but I’ll tell you this: people are ordering Mother’s Day dishes. That’s great- we’re excited about it without question- but I’ll also tell you this: when it’s gone, it’s gone. WE were able to get a bunch of lobsters in, and sushi-grade New Zealand King salmon, but we’re getting what we’re getting and that’s that. If Cinco de Mayo taught us anything, it’s that purveyors of meat and seafood aren’t having business as usual any more than we are. And that in turn means that those of you who wait until the eleventh hour may get their Mother’s Day food, but then again, they may not. I just know that I can’t call my seafood guy and have someone throw something on a van to Tucson that isn’t already sitting in Phoenix, waiting to be ordered. So the sooner you order, the more likely that your Mother’s Day experience will be pleasantly uneventful. Want to know what the specials are? I’m glad you asked.

I’d also note that you have today and tomorrow to pick up wine for #digitalwineresearch with our friends Todd and Kent. We have a few bottles ready for pickup if you want to taste along with them at this thing.

And there are samples to be had if you’re joining us for our zoom tasting of pink wine on Saturday at 2:00, and some sad (but not pandemic-level sad) news about it:

Plus, you’re always just welcome to order a little something from our regular menu. The number to call is 326-9363 and the menu is here.

See you soon.


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