Exhale. But into a mask, please.

Dear Feastlings,
Yes, it’s slow today. With so much (unexpected) response to our Cinco de Mayo specials, it’s no surprise that people are laying low now, perhaps a bit hung over, but also with no chance of a DUI last night, at least. And you know what? The occasional slow day is okay. It allows us to recharge ourselves a little bit. We’ve been going full tilt with hospital deliveries (thank you for your generous donations, which help us by helping the frontline hospital workers,) hub deliveries (it feels like interest has been waning, but we’re going to try waiting a bit longer between them to let interest rebuild. I’m sure it also doesn’t hurt that we’ve changed the menu since the last time we came to your neighborhood, outliers,) Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day (you can order now for Mother’s Day,) and the wine tasting. And in spite of the fact that none of that keeps us flush like a normal week, we’re grateful that we at least have the option of doing all that we’re doing and that you’re still supporting us. So thanks.
Today we dropped off 160 meals for the staff at El Rio Health’s Cherrybell clinic, 60 at their El Pueblo clinic and 70 more at their Southwest clinic, and we (and they) have you to thank for it. Next up will be the staff at the VA Hospital, which will be at some point next week- we’re still working with them to figure out a date.

Next week you can expect to see a delivery to our East, Northeast and West delivery hubs, and of course that donation run to the staff at the VA Hospital. And once we’ve recovered from Mother’s Day the way we’re recovering today from Cinco de Mayo, we can start wrapping our heads around when and how to coordinate a careful, reasonable and gradual re-integration of eventual sit-down restaurant service again, hybridized with the takeout and delivery that we’ll still need to do to keep us afloat. It means a lot of logistical changes, a lot of work on a menu that’s takeout-friendly but still worth dining out for, and a lot of concerns about keeping guests, staff, purveyors and other interlopers safe. But we’re working on it, we promise.

Meanwhile, we’ll be continuing as we have been, preparing food for takeout and delivery, and trying our best to keep ourselves operating by helping various members of the community. Here are a few links if you’re feeling peckish, or thirsty, or what have you.
The menu,

Our wine tasting this Saturday,

And we keep a few bottles around for those of you who want to sit in on Kent Callaghan and Todd Bostock’s #digitalwineresearch.

Give us a buzz at 326-9363. We’d love to hear from you.


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