Either side of Tucson

My very dear Feastlings,
I’m still in the process of checking in with various and sundry administrators to figure out our delivery dates and times for our next delivery runs to support front line hospital workers, but meanwhile, we’re trying to busy ourselves with another delivery run, this time to the East and Northeast, which we skipped today in order to take advantage of all the empty bank parking lots to the south of us today. We thank you eastsiders for your patience, and you’re on deck now: the next delivery run to the east and northeast will take place this coming Wednesday, April 22.
We’re throwing in a westside hub as well. Since we had fewer takers on the westside deliveries last time, we’re scaling back to the only delivery hub that generated significant interest: the Speedway and Greasewood hub.
So if you live near any of the hubs we’re visiting come Wednesday, feel free to call in an order today or Tuesday (we’re closed on Mondays) and we’ll get your food out to either a hub near you, or, if you’re not able or willing to leave the house, to your doorstep if you’re near one of the hubs. Where are these hubs, you ask? Here’s a list of them, and the time of day we’ll arrive at each one to get you something delicious.

There’ll be more news soon regarding the hospital delivery runs, and next week’s Saturday wine tasting, before you know it. Likely before you want it. Meanwhile, stay safe and well and happy. And know we miss you.

Doug and the rest of us at Feast

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