Just thanks. All of you.

Dear Feastlings,
Is it wrong of me? I imagine throngs of people, each at their own home. taking zoom yoga classes, lying in hammocks, or sipping drinks from coconuts. But then again, none of us can see what everyone else is doing, that is if they’re not videoconferencing, so my intellect is telling my gut to pipe down and stop imagining people elsewhere are in paradise right now. I know some of you are wondering if and when your PPP loan is coming, some are wondering if they’ll have a job next week, and some are pulling for a loved one who’s tested positive. I know there are a lot of memes circulating to say essentially this, and I’d encourage us all to pause and think about it for a minute: for some of us, this is an inconvenient time off, or maybe even a welcome time off; for some it’s a storm; and for some it’s a terrifying hurricane.
With any luck, each of us can take a breath at some point to be grateful for the change it’s brought, whether it’s noticing how clear the air is with traffic cut to a minimum, or that the plants and animals around us are soaking up springtime like thirsty sponges, reveling in sunshine and green plants and abundance. But let’s each also take a minute to give something to our friends and neighbors who are feeling the storm or the hurricane, and share our larder with them, or do them a kindness, or quietly send a prayer.
We’ve been overrun with kindness from all of you- the donations we got last week for the TMC hospital run came in such gobs and fistfuls that we’re taking the overage and rolling it into deliveries next Tuesday to various wards at Banner Health- the Emergency Department at Banner South, two Neurology Units who’ve been converted to respiratory units for the duration of the threat, and the Molecular Microbiology Lab that’s handling CDC testing. I know some of you have asked how you can contribute, and we’re doing it the same way did last time: You can donate a meal, a cookie, or a dollar amount of your choice, and Feast will match donations up to a department’s worth of people. And as before, any donations that take us past the point of feeding everyone we need to feed will be rolled into the next run. To donate, just call us at 326-9363 and we’ll be your front line worker’s meal clearinghouse.
Next on the list: Diamond Children’s and El Rio Healthcare. If any of you knows anyone at El Rio, I’d be grateful for contact information for a point person there- I have people I’m talking to everywhere else I’ve mentioned, but I’d love not to have to hunt for someone. Ditto for the VA, who’ll be on our list following them.

Now, the everyday business of Feast:
-first, you have the rest of today to place your orders for tomorrow’s delivery run to the east, northeast and west. The link is here.

-second, there’s wine to be considered. Kent and Todd’s weekly #virtualwineresearch is coming up on Friday, and we have the wines handy if you don’t have time to have them shipped from Sonoita.

-third, there’s more wine to be considered. Kevin’s talking about Chilean wine on Saturday, and we’ll have samples for you. Here’s that link.

-fourth, here’s the menu, in case you’re hungry by now.

Thanks for keeping us occupied, and for helping your compatriots, and for being lovable.

Your friends at Feast

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