Carissimi ragazzi

Dear Feastoletti,
How is it that whenever we seek solace through food, our gut instinct is to make Italian food? I don’t mean ALL of us- I know some of you have a penchant for French food, or Greek, or what-have-you, but somehow, we in the kitchen at Feast lean hard into the Italian food when we need to feel better about things, which is why we still have linguine alla Bolognese on the menu AND we’re adding a spinach and wild mushroom white lasagne tonight as well, which will be ready to order by 5 pm this evening (I told you vegetarians we hadn’t forgotten about you.) It only seems an appropriate way to honor our Italian friends who are dealing with a far more severe situation than we are at this point. You can even pick up a bottle of Italian wine and raise a glass to them. The rest of the menu is here:

Today is feeling a little bit less like we’re in crisis mode, though I must say that too much calm is pretty scary as well. We knew we’d see a lot of support right away- you’re just caring, kind people and we know it- but we also know that it’s not likely to be sustainable in the long term, so we do fret about when we have to stop going back to the same well. So far, we haven’t had to take anyone off the payroll, but hours have been slashed fairly drastically, so those of you who’ve been ordering, please know we appreciate you more than you can guess. All of us. With all this in mind, I’d ask something simple of you that won’t cost you a thing: Please do let your friends and family know we’re here and still making food for pickup or delivery. Forward the emails, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or whatever other clever idea you may have, and know that it’s keeping a lot of people employed.
We’re also trying to reach some of you who are farther away. A few of you have written back to say you’re too far away to reasonably pick up food, so we have an idea, which, if it works, we’ll expand. So if you live more than four miles from Feast and want our food, or if you know someone who fits that description, here’s a link to that plan.

We’re also getting closer to a virtual wine tasting, and we’re backing up our buddies, Kent Callaghan and Todd Bostock, neighborhood winemakers who are doing a zoom event called #digitalwineresearch. We’ll have a dish to go with it and backups of Friday’s wines if you feel like checking it out. Here’s more information on that.

Okay, you’ve all likely had more than enough of me for today. Or for this week. But I’m proud to say that so far only one person has begged to be removed from the email list. Not that I blame her, but I certainly thank the rest of you for reading what you want and using the delete button what what comes after you’ve reached your threshold.
Oh- and because some of you have asked, I’m including a link to the menu and our phone number in every email now, at least when I remember. Our number is (520) 326-9363. Our menu is here.




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