If you like that, try this.

Dear Feastlings,
The busier our busy season gets, the more likely I am to forget something. Yesterday, it was a whole entire wine tasting. I’m embarrassed about it, because around here, we’re quite fond of our friend Katie Woodcock, and she’s making the effort to come all the way from Phoenix this Sunday, so I hope she won’t feel slighted and will chalk it up to Doug’s lovable scattered nature and the fact that he’s so overwhelmed that he’s talking about himself in the third person. Katie will be here on Sunday the 26th at 3:30 for our Last Sunday of the Month tasting, themed, “if you like that, try this.” Her idea is to expose you to wines you haven’t historically leaned toward. I know that many or most of you who’ll be here join us fairly habitually on the last Sunday of the month, so I beseech you to bring a less sophisticated friend than yourself who should learn to step outside the box now and again. Here are the details, and please know that we’d love to have you, even if we didn’t send this email until just now.


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