the path garden

trees that neatly frame the Bashful Bandit in our private dining room window

a few friendly bushes

a few more

It’s happening quite quickly now around the exterior of the building.  The parking lot is paved, and yesterday by the time I got there, a bunch of plants and a system to irrigate them as necessary seemed to sprout from the earth itself.  Fortunately, that’s not how they got there, because I’m hoping we can move a couple of them.  As much as I think Brian Paszco, who owns the Bashful Bandit, is a friendly, charming and overall Good Guy Whom I’d Like To Support, I don’t know if every guest who’s having a shindig in the PDR (that’s what we restaurant folk call the private dining room) wants to look out at the painting of the Motorcycle Enthusiast plowing his hog through the wall in a black-and-white trompe l’oeil.  Maybe not the Budweiser banner sign, either.  Please don’t interpret this as any sort of feeling of cultural superiority; one of my own favorite after-work pastimes is bringing a game of Boggle to a fairly spartan neighborhood tavern and with any luck, teach one of my coworkers what’s what in a few matches.  I’m hoping to do so at the Bandit when we move.  But I still want the people eating Lobster Thermidor at their rehearsal dinner to look at trees.

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