sign o’ the times, part IV


The last of the exterior signs went up yesterday.  They call it a monument sign, and all the sign people I’ve spoken to  spoke of it in awed, hushed tones.  Evidently, because it was already there, and because the previous establishment was a restaurant, it’s grandfathered in: we can leave it there to offend the eyes, or as I choose to see it, catch the attention of the numerous passers-by on Speedway each day.  The sign people all talk about it like a holy relic, and intimate that whatever I might have paid for the Der Wienerschnitzel, it was worth it if only for the grandfathered sign.  I’m pleased to know it, but mostly just happy that all the signs are up.  Now comes the question of what to do with the sign on Current Feast, the mosaic.  It’s too lovely to throw away.  I wanted to cut out the logo and embed it in the sidewalk at New Feast, but had visions of a slippery sidewalk and a lawsuit take-a-number machine.  The patio, perhaps.

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