Trust your importer: Trinchero

Hello, Feastlings,

Every now and again we like to look at the back of the wine bottle with you rather than the front.  Sure, the label is how a lot of people select a wine- maybe it’s clever, maybe it’s cute, or maybe it has the gravitas you’re looking for in order to trust that what’s in the bottle is up to your very high standards.  We’ve found, though, that if we’re not familiar with the front label, regardless of how cute or clever or authoritative it might be, we often recognize a little information from the back label, so when we discover an importer we trust, even if we don’t know the wine we’re considering, the half dozen other wines we’ve had from the importer listed on the back label can put us at ease as we decide to invest in a new bottle.

This Saturday, October 14, at 2:00 pm, our buddy Lee will join us to get us all familiar with the Trinchero family, who not only make wine in California, they import it from elsewhere.  This week, we’ll taste some of their selections from both Spain and Italy, and you can participate for only $15 plus tax and tip- give us a jingle at (520) 326-9363 and we’ll happily save you a seat at the tasting table.


Trust your importer: Trinchero


You can see the tasting order and pricing here.


2021 Bodegas Terras Gauda “Abadía de San Campio” Albariño, Rias Baixas

2020 Poggio San Polo “Rubio” (Sangiovese,) Toscana

2019 Tenuta Regaleali “Lamurì” (Nero d’Avola,) Sicilia

2017 Finca Nueva Crianza (Tempranillo,) Rioja

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