Secret Knock

Dear Feastlings,

You’ve seen them at wine shops and grocery stores, on lists at chain restaurants and online.  You’ve seen the ads in magazines and probably in places I haven’t thought of.  It’s THOSE wines, the megaproduction, bazillion-case a year wines from those factory farm wineries.  And the people who work in the beverage industry know that it’s their company’s priority to sell them, case upon case- nay, pallet upon pallet- or these giants of production will move their product to distributor who can do it.

And there’s no small number of people in the industry, be they winemakers, importers or distributors, be they retailers, hoteliers or restaurateurs, who’d like nothing better than a frosty beer after all that wine.  But there are those of us who still love wine despite tasting it on the regular, and this week, we’ll taste some of the nerd wine that industry people drink when they have a choice and all their open sample bottles are gone.

Our buddy Bryan Eichhorst will be here this weekend with the wines that the industry nerds are after, the stuff that’s not awash in oak or geared toward the lowest common denominator, and it all happens this Saturday, August 19th, at 2:00, here at Feast.  Want to join us?  Call us at (520) 326-9363 and reserve your seats, then show up on Saturday with $15 plus tax and tip burning a hole in your pocket.  And bring a little extra in case you fall in love with some of these wines.


Secret knock


You can see the pricing and tasting order here.


2022 Realce White Blend (Sauvignon Blanc/Macabeo,) Castilla La Mancha

2018 Fekete Pince dry Furmint, Somlói

2020 Vincent Roussely “Canaille” Gamay, Vin de France

2022 Clos Fantine “La Lanterne Rouge” (Cinsault/Aramon,) Vin de France


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