Sonoran Restaurant Week

Dear Feastlings,

September is without question the quietest month for Tucson restaurants- families are spending on back-to-school necessities, and anyone who’s managed to get away during the summer just got a credit card bill with all the impetuous decisions they’ve made laid out for them in black and white, which shows them how deep into the red they are.  Restaurants usually lose a level of priority or two, and the sudden dearth of business, in turn, prompts us all to give folks an extra reason to dine out.  We give you Sonoran Restaurant week.  This year over a hundred restaurants are participating, so even if you’re quite hungry, you’ll likely miss the opportunity to hit every restaurant on your list.  That said, exploration is nice and all, but it’s also nice to get a deal at the place you already know and feel a certain fondness for, and with that in mind, know that you can have your pick of the following for forty-five buck plus tax and tip, which anymore is a bargain in current market conditions.  We hope you’ll join us and avail yourself some time between now and next Saturday.


Sonoran Restaurant Week Menu

$45 prix fixe, plus tax and tip


First course, choice of

Grilled octopus with spicy broad bean paste, ginger-peanut rice,
and fresh scallions.

Grilled and chilled peach-and-tomato salad with house-made ricotta, walnuts and sunflower seeds.  Served over Bibb lettuce tossed
in a fresh dill vinaigrette and garnished with oil-cured olives. ◊

Grilled Castelfranco and broccoli with Parmesan aioli
and toasted lemon breadcrumbs.

Second course, choice of

Grilled shiitake mushroom skewer over sumac and preserved lemon avocado purée. Served with fresh thyme and oregano, toasted cumin and chickpeas, with smoked olive oil.
House-made pita. ◊

Roasted game hen, served with grilled okra, oven-cured tomatoes, baby pattypan squashes and edible flowers.
Served with huitlacoche cream.  ◊

Sautéed Dover sole with Castelvetrano olives, Marcona almonds and oregano.  Lemon beurre blanc.  Served over a rice crepe with sautéed spinach.

Third course, choice of

Vanilla-brandy poached pear with Gorgonzola-honey custard. Hazelnut garnish.

Buttermilk tiramisú with Manchego cheese, flower petals
and sage syrup.

Napoleon of coconut custard, layered with white pepper-coconut tuiles and passionfruit purée. ◊


And as long as we’re on the subject, and still closed on Sundays and Mondays, here’s the Restaurant Week website, so you have someplace to go on those days, too:


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