Acid test

Dear Feastlings,

We talk about fruit in a wine all the time, and oak as well, and tannin for the sake of structure and ageability, but this week, the focus is on another element of wine that balances fruit and sugar and bolsters longevity as well as tannins do: it’s acidity.  This week, we’ll taste four wines whose acidity makes them special, or is at the very least a significant factor.  And we’ll talk about not only what the acid offers the wine, but what contributing factors boost the acidity to being with.  And what’s more, we’ll taste its effects in red, white and pink wines to boot.

Our tasting will take place here at Feast, or if you’d rather, over Zoom from wherever you choose to be on Saturday.

You can reserve a seat or a set of samples by calling us at (520) 326-9363.  The tasting begins at 2:00 on the 14th, and costs $15 plus tax and tip.


THE TASTING BEGINS ON ZOOM AT 2:00 PM ON SATURDAY, may 14.  THE ZOOM MEETING NUMBER FOR THE TASTING IS 874 4856 1219, AND THE PASSCODE will be posted here and emailed out as well by noon on Saturday the 14th.


Acid test


You can find the tasting order and the pricing here.


2021 Brooks “Amycas” White Wine Blend, Willamette Valley

2018 Isabelle et Pierre Clément “Chatenoy” Sauvignon Blanc, Menetou-Salon

2021 Mas de Valérole “Vé” Méditteranée Rosé, IGP Méditerranée

2020 Itxas Harri “Beltza” Grenache/Tempranillo, Navarra

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