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Hey there, Feastlings.

We’ve been promising for a while, and last week, Kent and Lisa Callaghan waded into the foodservice industry and iced down a partially prepared four-course dinner up here at Feast, and carted it down to Sonoita to put it together to serve alongside as many of their wines.  It went well, and since it was on a Friday and I had to be up here, it inspired a deep and abiding case of FOMO.  Our resolution?  Do the dinner again, up here, with Kent filling the movie screen in the private dining room to share stories about four wines, two of which are library releases that are DELICIOUS (I didn’t miss out on those- I got to taste them to write the food pairings, and they’re exceptional,) and one of which has long been a favorite of the crew here at Feast.  And the fourth is a clean, refreshing pink that stands on its own as well.  The food will be the original menu that we’d proposed to serve before we had to rein it in a bit for travel and a limited kitchen space down at the winery, and it promises to be a fun and frolicsome time, with Kent via Zoom on the big screen as the Mighty Oz, me scrambling to get everything running smoothly and telling you not to look behind the curtain, and you as a denizen of the Emerald City.  Click your heels together three times and say, “there’s no place like Feast,” and when that does nothing, call us at 326-9363 and reserve your seat.

A few caveats:

⋅ one: we’re still following Pima County Health Department suggested protocols, which are the CDC suggested protocols.  That means masks while you’re mobile, and it means tables six feet apart.  If you’re uncomfortable being seated at a table with someone who’s not in your bubble, or pod, or whatever you’re calling it, let us know so we can cobble tables together where everyone still feels safe.  Want to insure your seat?  Book the table with other attendees you know and love, and sit together.  It’s first come, first served, so call sooner than later.  We’ll have two tables of four and four tables of six, which brings us to the next caveat:

⋅two: we’re at the mercy of fitting in the maximum number of people we can while maintaining those protocols, i.e. 32 people.  Much fewer than that and it doesn’t behoove us to do the dinner.  More than that exceeds the limitations imposed by those protocols.  So know that you’ll be seated with other people, and with any luck, plan to find others to make your group one you’re comfortable with.

⋅third, we’re limited in more ways than we’ve been limited in a long time.  These library releases will run out when they run out, and our limited seating will run out when it runs out.  We’re crossing our fingers that supply lines won’t tangle up and choke us too, but we thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this nonsense.

⋅fourth, this is all a work in progress.  This in-person and Zoom hybrid is all but guaranteed to make for a bumpy portion of the evening, at the very least.  We’re doing the best we can, and we’ll aim to keep disturbances and technical difficulties to a minimum.

What remains, then, is the menu, which you’ll find below.  Do let us know as soon as you can if you want to join us, as it will more than likely sell out, and more than likely quickly.  The number to call is 326-9363.


Seared sous vide chicken thigh with salted miso-mango fromage blanc and crispy shallots.

2018 Callaghan Unfiltered Petit Manseng, Arizona

Charred eggplant puree with goat cheese disc, shaved fennel and basil chiffonade, and toast points.

2020 Callaghan “Love Muffin” Rosé, Willcox

Venison carpaccio, with smoked vanilla bean aioli, garam masala and purslane.

2013 Callaghan Al’s (Syrah,) Arizona (Willcox)

Cocoa-rubbed baby back ribs with amaro glaze. Served with mashed potatoes and kale-kohlrabi slaw.

2013 Callaghan Claire’s Estate (Mourvedre/Cabernet Sauvignon,) Sonoita


A little something sweet to finish dinner.


$95 plus tax and gratuity

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