Exploring the New World

Dear Feastlings,

While we all have our notions as to what New World Chardonnay tastes like in a general sense, it turns out there’s a much broader spectrum than there was 20 years ago- as Chardonnay gets planted and vinted into an ever-expanding array of styles and terroirs, there’s now much more out there than the butter bomb we’ve come to expect.  This Saturday, we’ll have four Chardonnays made by New World producers, and there won’t be a single one that tastes like the others.  With our perpetual shortage of containers, we’ve had to bump the price up to $12.50 plus tax and tip, but with any luck it’s still a value for all the information you’ll glean and the wine discoveries you’ll make.  The zoom tasting begins at 2:00 on Saturday, May 16, and it’ll be a hoot.

the zoom meeting number is 912 6362 0415 and the password is 296586.


Exploring the New World

2019 Woop Woop Chardonnay, South Australia

2017 Fable Chardonnay, California

2017 Mount Eden Vineyards Chardonnay, Edna Valley

2017 Bon Anno Chardonnay, Carneros (Napa Valley)

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