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Hello, Feastlings.

Maybe my own first taste of Arizona wine was clouded by the judgment that comes with ignorance; maybe it was just not very good wine.  Regardless, I’ll never tell the name of the producer, but notwithstanding who it was that made that first sip I’d tasted, I see glimpses of myself back then night after night even now, as I show our guests Arizona wines with great enthusiasm, only to be shot down by people who will never know what they’re missing.  This week, the ball is in your court.Kevin’s got four wines from Southern Arizona, each of which we think anyone who’s willing to taste will find worthy of their attentions and affections.  The tasting takes place this Saturday, February 1, at 2:00 pm, and costs a mere $12.50 plus tax and tip.  Reservations are a must, and must be made by phone or in person- web and email reservations won’t hold you a spot at our events.  Now get over here and taste these exceptional wines from your own backyard.

Local and Laudable

2018 Sand Reckoner “W” White Wine, Willcox

2015 Deep Sky “Orbit” GSC blend, Cochise County

2017 Callaghan “Bonita” Grenache-based Red Blend, Sonoita

2015 Dos Cabezas “Aguileon” Tempranillo-based Red Blend, Willcox

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