Let the season sparkle

Dearest Feastlings,

It runs out that we at Feast encourage people all year long to drink sparkling wine- we know that saving it only for special occasions is a shame and a tragedy, and we believe it’s great food wine and meant to enjoy with any meal, be it a special occasion or not.

That said, we’re also wise to the fact that if ever there’s a time of year that people are more likely to drink a bit of bubbly, it’s the time of year that we’re in right now.  With that in mind, Kevin will be dramatically popping corks on four bottles of sparklers this Saturday, December 21, at 2:00.  Again, the wines are a bit pricier than they customarily are, and as a consequence, the tasting will cost slightly more as well- $15.00 plus tax and tip rather than the $12.50 you’re used to.  But we dare say that you’ll find the occasion worth it.  Get your sipping muscles ready for tastes of four sparklers- one from Burgundy, one from Oregon and two from Champagne proper.  You’ll need a reservation, which can’t be had by web or email, but which can easily be had by calling us at 326-9363 and telling us you’d like to join us.  We hope you’re ready to have your palate tickled.

Let the Season Sparkle

NV Vinvent Cremant de Bourgogne Brut, Maconnais

2014 Argyle “Artisan Series” Brut Rosé, Willamette Valley

NV G. H. Mumm “Grand Cordon” Brut Champagne

NV Taittinger “Brut La Francaise” Champagne

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