Rich, Ripe, Robust Red Blends

Dear Feastlings,

When you watch people learn about wine, you watch a progression.  Maybe it doesn’t apply to every last person, but most of us start out with a bit of a sweet tooth- we like really fruity Rieslings, and then progress to something richer and rounder, and then settle into something lean and crisp and then find our wheelhouse wherever we land.  It may be years later before we go back to giving Riesling its due, but with any luck, we get there.  Ditto with reds: maybe we initially like them big and juicy, and then we move to more elegant styles.  My argument, though, is this: once you’ve poked through the wine universe, as much as you may have your favorites, you’ll eventually look back at those wines you initially loved, and even if there were years you were dismissive of them, there’s a reason you loved them to begin with, and you’ll rediscover that reason.  This Saturday, Kevin pulls the corks from four unabashedly big, juicy reds, and we’re convinced that even if you fancy yourself a Bordeaux drinker now, you’ll still find that these ripe, lush wines are undeniably lovable.  You can taste them this Saturday, August 24, if you’re so inclined, at 2:00 pm.  Reservations are a must, and web and email reservations won’t do the trick, so give us a buzz at 326-9363 and we’ll save you the seat you so richly deserve.  It’s only $12.50 plus tax and gratuity, so it’s certainly worth your while.  We hope you can make it.


Rich, ripe, robust red blends


2017 Gran Passione “Rosso,” Veneto IGT

2017 “The Culprit” Red Wine, North Coast

2016 Miro “Cuvée Sasha,” North Coast

2017 Paydirt “Going for Broke” Zinfandel, Paso Robles

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