The Bonfires of San Juan

Spanish food and wine to celebrate the Summer Solstice

Hello, Feastlings.

After a couple of years of offering French dishes and wines for Bastille Day, last year we gave Italy equal time at Ferragosto, and It made sense to ask ourselves this year: What about Spain?  It turns out there’s a Spanish celebration of the Summer Solstice, the Bonfires of San Juan, held on the 23rd of June each year.  While we don’t plan on setting anything alight, we will be offering a special menu of small plates, a paella, and a flan for dessert.  And we’ll waive the corkage on every bottle of Spanish wine in the house to boot.  We’ll serve these dishes all day long, so if you’re joining us for the wine tasting, save a little room for some Spanish-style snacks.

The menu looks like this:

Faves a la Catalanafava beans with onions, bacon and house-made botifarra negra.

Albondigas almendradas~ pork and beef meatballs encrusted with almonds
in a saffron sauce.

Croquetas de bacallà~ salt cod and potato fritters with garlic aioli.

Champiñones al ajilloSautéed mushrooms with garlic, paprika, lemon and Sherry.

Paellaclassic saffron rice with lobster, shrimp, clams and mussels with Spanish  chorizo and vegetables. §§


No corkage on any Spanish wines on the list.

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