Celebrare l’Italia

Carissimi Ragazzi,

When I was just starting to get a handle on wine, early on in my foodslinging career, a waiter said to me, “California wine, learning about that, it’s like going to college. French wine, that’s like getting a Master’s degree.  But Italian?  That’s a Ph.D.”  I can’t say why it stuck with me, and I really can’t say I agree with him, but I will say this: the Italians will be quick to tell you that any notoriety that the French have in food and wine needs to been seen through the filter of understanding that food and wine migrated north through the Roman Empire, and that while the Franks and the Gauls were catching rabbits in the woods and roasting them over primitive fires, and making primitive versions of beer and mead, the Romans were already old viticultural hands.

Mind you, they’ll neglect to mention that they learned the bulk of it from the enslaved Greeks who brought it with them.  The fact of the matter today, though, is that Italian wines are pretty flipping delicious, and built to drink with food, and that, whether they invented it or not, the Italians are no slouches when it comes to wine production.

This week, Kevin opens up some pretty delightful wines, all of which deserve a taste at the bare minimum.  You likely know the rules by now: reservations are required, and must be made the old-fashioned way, by calling us at 326-9363; web and email reservations won’t work.  It’s ten bucks, plus tax and tip, it starts at 2:00 on Saturday the 14th, it’s fun and it’s frolicsome.  We hope you’ll join us.

Celebrare l’Italia

2016 Donna Fugata “Lighea” Zibibbo, Sicilila

2016 Lamelle “Il Borro” Chardonnay IGT, Toscana IGT

2015 Renato Ratti “Battaglione” Barbera d’Asti DOP

2011 San Felice “Il Grigio” Chianti Classico Riserva, Chianti DOCG

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