Speaking Francly, if I may…

Dear Feastlings,

The red wines of Bordeaux are a trifecta of fruit, power and brilliance. There’s the terroir, to be sure, and the winemaking, and the oak, and styles favoring one aspect or another way throughout the region, and each varietal brings to the table a different aspect: Cabernet Sauvignon brings tannin- power and body and grip. Merlot brings abundance of dark fruit and plush texture. Cabernet Franc balances the other two with its peculiar combination of red fruit, cedar and pencil lead that brightens the wine, giving it a balance of acidity and zingy red fruit. One of the best ways to discover its influence on Bordeaux is to taste it by itself and gain a little familiarity with it, which is precisely what we intend to do this Saturday, September 2, at 2:00. You know the drill by now: bring ten dollars plus tax and tip, and make a reservation (by phone- no web or email reservations for the tastings, please.) we hope you can make it.

Speaking Francly, if I may…

2015 Cosentino “the Franc” Cabernet Franc, Lodi

2015 Chanteleuserie Bourgueil, Bourgueil Alouettes

2014 Marie de Beauregard Chinon

2015 Lo-Fi Cabernet Franc, Santa Ynez

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