Half Time Entertainment

Hi, Feastlings.

Maybe you’re  familiar with this situation: you open up that bottle of wine, and, delicious as it is, for one reason or another you don’t finish it.  Maybe it’s because you just don’t have it in you that day, or maybe it’s because that was already the second bottle, but whatever the reason, you cork it and come back to it only to discover that the fruit’s fallen off, or it tastes like oxidized prunes now, or some such problem.  Or maybe you and your dining companion like dramatically different styles of wine, so you’re not drinking the same thing.  The time has come for you to stock your cellar with a few halvsies.  A half bottle is just over two glasses of wine, so on those evenings where two glasses is just right, why pull the cork on something that will only flag by the next time you want a sip?  This week, Kevin opens up an abundance of wine that comes in a small package.  Four wines, each in a half bottle, and each delicious in its own right.  He’ll be pulling corks on a couple of nicer bottles, so this week’s tasting is a hair more expensive than usual- $12.50 plus tax and tip instead of the usual ten-spot- but when you get to that Pomerol, you’ll realize what a value you’ve gotten.  Please call us at 326-9363 to reserve a spot, since web and email reservations won’t hold your place for you.  And come drink four solidly executed red wines that you won’t waste a drop of.

Half Time Entertainment

2012 Matanzas Creek Merlot, Sonoma (375 ml)

2012 Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa (375 ml)

2013 Blackbird “Arise” Red Blend, Napa (375 ml)

2010 Château de Sales Pomerol (375 ml)

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