Country CouZins

Dear Feastlings,

While Zinfandel is the quintessentially American varietal, it has its roots in the Old Country.  While its grandparent is a varietal called Plavac Mali, there’s not enough in Arizona right now to include in the tasting.  Our alternative?  Zinfandel’s literal cousin, Primitivo.  This Saturday, you’ll taste two Zinfandels from California next to two Primitivos from Puglia, the home of Zinfandel’s Italian counterpart.  The tasting, as usual, is $10 plus tax and tip; reservations, as usual, can be made by calling 326-9363 (web and email reservations won’t hold you a seat); the experience, as usual, promises to be both educational and delicious.

Country CouZins

2013 Antico Sigillo Primitivo di Manduria

2013 Hartford “Old Vine” Zinfandel, Russian River Valley

2014 Sextant Zinfandel, San Lucas

2013 Varvaglione “Papale Linea d’Oro” Primitivo di Manduria

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