Wine dinner with James Callahan of Rune Winery

Dear Feastlings,

Every year, when I taste a new vintage of wines from our Arizona neighbors, I find myself a little prouder.  With each advancing vintage, our growers and winemakers make a little progress in understanding the microclimates of Arizona, discovering which varietals hold up to the intricacies of Southern Arizona climate, and each year, they cajole the grapes more effectively into becoming delicious wines.  For those of you who still question the quality of Arizona wines out of hand without ever having tasted them, I’d urge you to open up your mind (remember, if you go back in time a bit, none of the various wine regions in California, Oregon and Washington were wine-producing regions.)  The perfect mind-opener is coming up on Wednesday, October 19th, here at Feast.  Easier than looking for the Airstream trailer that is the Rune tasting room (I’m not kidding; take a look:  )

is to show up at Feast on the 19th at 6:30 pm.  You can meet James Callahan, who produces these delicious wines, learn a little bit about the Pillsbury Vineyard from which the fruit is sourced, and enjoy five courses’ worth of food paired with the wines.  You’ll need to make your reservations the old-fashioned way, by calling 326-9363, since web and email reservations won’t hold a place for you.  We hope those of you who already know how good our local wines are can convince your friends that it’s a great day to taste the wines of Rune.

Dinner with Owner/Winemaker James Callahan at Feast

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6:30 pm

Papaya-brie crabcake with curried cashews.

2014 Rune “Pillsbury Vineyard” Viognier,

Cochise County

Fazzoletti in sauce Mornay with shaved Beeler’s “Heluka” ham.

2014 Rune “Pillsbury Vineyard” Rosé,

Cochise County

Potato, parsnip and celery root gratin with saffron and pan-roasted mackerel.

2013 Rune “Pillsbury Vineyard” Grenache,

Cochise County

Thyme-crusted Duroc pork loin with olive dust and cocoa reduction.

2014 Rune “Pillsbury Vineyard” Wild Syrah,

Cochise County

Grilled venison with bleu cheese pudding, Swiss chard and coffee crisp.

2014 Rune “Pillsbury Vineyard” Petite Sirah,

Cochise County

A little something sweet at the end.

$85 plus tax and gratuity

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