The Zen of Zin

Hello, Feastlings,

I hate to be the person to say this, but the wine tasting, as I write this, is nearly full already.  Zinfandel started singing its siren’s song this past week  as guests attended our Saturday and Sunday tastings, and there have been a few bottles lined up in the shop to indicate what’s on deck for future tastings.  The future, as it turns out, is now.  So, lovers of Zinfandel, the grape of America, this Saturday, at 2:00, a few more of you- many have already signed up, limiting the seats that remain- you’ll be afforded the opportunity to taste four Zinfandels in such a way that you can understand what effect terroir has on the grape.  Each one comes from a different region, each of which has its own particular influence on the grape, but each of which is undeniably an excellent representation of it.  The tasting costs the customary $10 plus tax and tip, and web and email reservations won’t hold you a spot, so call us at 326-9363, sooner than later

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