“Blending the Rules”

Hello, Feastlings.

This week’s wine tasting brings you grapes that are unlikely bottlemates.  While the Rhône and Bordeaux make for pretty straightforward blends of the traditional grapes of their respective regions, this week Kevin’s got bottles open that will leave you scratching your head as to who thought to combine these varietals, and in turn, how they ended up delicious.  Like the majority of our Saturday tastings, this one begins at 2:00 pm,  it $10 plus tax and tip, it includes a couple of light bites,  it requires a reservation, and its reservation cannot be had by means of the internet.  While we’d be delighted if you made the reservation in person when you came in for a three-course dinner, we understand that your modern lifestyle may not afford you the opportunity to drop what you’re doing and head over, so you’re also welcome to call us and make a reservation at 326-9363.  Thanks, all.

Blending the Rules

2013 Cult Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin Blanc, Napa

2014 Famille Hugel Gentil “Hugel,” Alsace

2013 Haszthy “Bearitage” Red, Lodi

2015 Gran Passione Rosso IGT, Veneto

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