Red and Med!

Good day, Feastlings.

Let’s start by saying that this week we won’t be tasting local wines.  As it happens, though, the varietals that grow best around here are those of the Mediterranean, so what better way to start familiarizing ourselves with the grapes that grow in our neighborhood than to taste a handful of wines that come from their birthplace? This week Kevin opens up wines from the Mediterranean, all of which will be red, and all of which will be delicious.  Get ready for abundant fruit, impeccable balance and the ability to drink wines on their own or with a broad spectrum of accompanying foods.  Want to taste for yourself? Come join us this Saturday, May 14, at 2:00 pm.  You’ll need to call and make a reservation (web and email reservations will not hold you a place at the tasting) at 326-9363.  The tasting is only $10 plus tax and tip, and you’ll get a couple of little snacks besides.

Red and Med!

2013 Colosi “Terre Siciliane” Rosso IGT, Messina

2013 Planeta “La Segreta” red blend, Menfi DOC

2013 Pierre Rougon Ventoux AOP

2014 Bodegas Atalaya “Laya,” Almansa

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