Orange Juice and Toothpaste

Hello, Feastlings.

This Saturday’s tasting is not so much about specific wines as it is about how food and wine work together.  As Kevin points out, there’s nothing wrong with the flavor of orange juice, nor with toothpaste, but together, they’re not so delicious.  So this Saturday, you’ll taste Bertani “Velante”  Pinot Grigio from Venezia Giulia  and Ramsay North Coast Pinot Noir, but you’ll taste them with an array foods and learn about how salty food affects the wines, how acidic foods affect the wines- creamy, earthy, fruity flavors too.  The tasting is, as usual, $10 plus tax and gratuity, and, as usual, you’ll need to reserve your spot in person or by phone at 326-9363, as web and email reservations will not guarantee you a place.  The tasting is at 2:00 this Saturday, July 25th.

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