The Seldom Seen Scene

Hello, Feastlings.

While the last two Saturday tastings have been full up befire we even posted them on the website, this week’s tasting still has room in it, and in my humble opinion, it’s more exciting than either of the last two tastings.  Why?  Well, it’s composed entirely of wines you don’t get to taste every day.  This week, Kevin uncorks some wines that are seldom if ever seen; You won’t find them by the glass in most Tucson restaurants, so it’s a great opportunity to try something new.  When’s the last time you drank a Skrlet?  That’s not a typo, it’s really a varietal.  If you want to check these out, join us this Saturday the 31st at 2:00.  The tasting is $10 plus tax and tip, and we can’t take web or email reservations, so the best way to hold a spot is to call us at 326-9363.

the Seldom Seen Scene

2012 Kosovec Skrlet, Moslavina, Croatia

2009 Rivera “Violante” Nero di Troia, Castel del Monte, Italy

2011 Hostatter Lagrein, Sudtirol/Alto Adige, Italy

2011 Zuccardi “Serie A” Bonarda, Santa Rosa, Mendoza, Argentina

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