Old World vs. New World- Syrah

Hello, Feastlings.

We all know that Old World wines tend to differ stylistically from New World wines, and what better way to discover the differences than by tasting the same grape, twice, from each?  Since Syrah is suitably ubiquitous, we can find samples from nearly everywhere, so this Saturday, Kevin will pull the corks on two Syrahs from Syrah’s homeland- one from Southwest France and one from the Southeast, as well as two from the New World- an Aussie and a Washington Syrah as well.  You can taste the subtle (and bold) differences for a mere $10 plus tax and tip, this Saturday at 2:00 pm.  To make your reservation, please call us at 326-9363, as web and email reservations will not hold you a place.

Old World vs. New World- Syrah

2010 Gérard Bertrand Minervois

2012 Jim Barry, “The Lodge Hill” Shiraz, Clare Valley

2012 Domaine des Bacchantes Côtes du Rhône

2011 Corvidae “Lenore” Syrah, Columbia Valley

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