A nine-course dinner with three Arizona winemakers

As part of the Tucson Culinary Festival, Kent Callaghan (Callaghan Vineyards), Todd Bostock (Dos Cabezas Wineworks) and Eric Glomski (Arizona Stronghold) will be here with their wines on Friday, October 28th. In their honor, we’ve put together a nine-course dinner, featuring three wines from each of them and a petite but fun dish with each wine. The menu is as follows:

6:30 pm

Braised pork belly on grilled flatbread with oil-cured olive pesto

2010 Dos Cabezas “Pink”

Fried oyster on grapefruit cream cheese with fresh shiso and oyster-passionfruit sauce

2009 Arizona Stronghold “Tazi”

Sea scallop terrine Wellington with lemon-vanilla-pear purée

2010 Callaghan “Ann’s”

Roasted sweet potatoes, kale and corn with poblano cream, Monterey Jack and cilantro

2010 Arizona Stronghold “Nachise”

House-made fazzoletti with chicken livers and roasted tomato ragú

2009 Dos Cabezas “Toscano”

Boar bacon pizza with sweet peppers

2010 Arizona Stronghold “Mangus”

Boudin blanc-stuffed quail chocolate chard and minced sun-dried tomatoes

2009 Dos Cabezas “El Norte”

Braised duck leg with smoked caramelized beets, fresh spinach and beluga lentils

2009 Callaghan “Wayne’s”

Charred hanger steak with blueberry-lovage jam, fried potato and collard greens

2009 Callaghan “Caitlin’s”

$85 per person, plus tax and gratuity

Call 326-9363 to reserve your seat.

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