We all need a reason

Dear Feastlings,

It’s been a productive day at Feast- the June menu is all but written, freeing me up to get started on the Father’s Day and Bonfires of San Juan menus, which you’ll see shortly, as well as the Primavera Cooks menu, for which there’s still room at the table and which benefits a worthy cause. Take a look:

Primavera Cooks!

We’ve gotten together with our three apprentice chefs and composed a menu, but I have yet to get our prep lists written, and there are still some t’s to cross and some i’s to dot. Nonetheless, it’s a promising menu, and you’ll see that soon as well.

Today, though, apart from the progress report of projects yet to be completed, is about what’s already completed, namely this Saturday’s wine tasting,which you can find at this address:

In Spain in the membrane

I also send this missive out to let you know that the wine specials, as they have each summer, are flowing here, from Memorial Day until Labor Day, so you’ve got three months and change to save a little as you dine and shop. Here are our two summer wine deals:

The first is this: if, as you dine here, you buy a bottle of wine only to discover that it’s quite delicious and you’d like to keep a bottle around the house, purchasing that bottle to take home will cause us to waive the built-in corkage fee on the wine list price, so you’ll not only get the bottle you buy to take home at retail price, but you’ll also get the bottle you’ve already ordered at retail price. I promise you, it’s less than you’ll pay at any restaurant in Arizona, and likely less than pretty much anyplace else.

“But,” you say, “Doug, there’s a place in my neighborhood that offers wine at half off on Tuesday nights!”

I reply to you thusly: “that means you’re paying so much the other six nights of the week that they can afford to sell you that bottle at half off, which is likely still about what you’d pay at Feast any day of the week. Seriously. Compare prices. I encourage you to.”

The second summer wine deal is this: while you may be used to getting 10% off wine by the case the rest of the year, this summer, you’ll get 15% off any bottle that isn’t already on deal when you buy it with eleven other bottles of wine. Still too rich for your blood? Just take six bottles home and you’ll still get 10% off.

We get it. It’s hot out. One needs to be incentivized to go out to dine, or frankly, to leave the house at all. So you now have a couple of new summer incentives. We hope it means we’ll see you once in a while this summer. And we’ll still be providing food and drink to enjoy here as well.

By next week, I’ll have a Father’s Day menu for you- perhaps even before then- and shortly thereafter, I’ll have a list of Spanish specials for you to peruse and consider. And if you’d like to consider it over a glass of wine, I know a place where you can get a deal. I’ll meet you there- I’ll be hanging around all summer.

Your pal,


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