As promised: a change of plans

Dear Feastlings,

The most predictable thing about the restaurant biz is how unpredictable an industry it is. I think I mentioned last week that although the Tablas Creek Vineyard dinner this Thursday was sold out, it made sense to add oneself to the cancellation list if interested. Two of you did just that, and when the party of four cancelled today, they got their seats at the table. That leaves room for two more of you to join us if you so choose. The dinner is the day after tomorrow at 6 pm, and the menu looks like this:

Tablas Creek Vineyard wine dinner with Darren Delmore

There’s been a change in the menu, though just a slight one- we’ll be serving Thresher shark rather than Blacktip, as the order we placed three weeks ago was never placed by the person we ordered it from, but barring any other unforeseen difficulties, the menu should be what you see at the link above.

Meanwhile, the Callaghan dinner on the 19th of March is also sold out, so again, I encourage any eager wine connoisseurs among you to add yourselves to the waitlist, as someone is sure to cancel for that one as well. And if they don’t, you can always try your luck at the dinner we’ll be doing all over again at the winery at the end of March. That menu looks like this:

Callaghan wine dinner with Kent and Lisa Callaghan

and you can either join the cancellation list here or trot down to Sonoita, where there’s still room at the winery for the same dinner:

We hope you can make it to one or the other. Or both, for that matter.

I’ll also send a link to one more wine event that takes place at the end of this week, our Saturday tasting with Emilie of wine distributor Tappa:

Down sud

And with that, I withdraw, to get the March menu written, since it begins a week from today. See you soon.

Doug and your other friends at Feast

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