Dear Feastlings,

We did indeed manage to get the September menu up and running yesterday, despite the fact that you didn’t receive an email about it. We’re still juggling in the kitchen, daily- hourly, even- between new parents and the newly vanished, and while it’s whittling away at our resolve, it hasn’t left us a pile of shavings just yet.

We continue to hop from one dinner service to the next, with just enough of us on hand to make it through the evening without looking TOO much like we don’t know what we’re doing, though admittedly, we can’t always escape that appearance. With any luck, those inconsistencies and errors have a bucolic charm to them and you find us to be real, earnest people whose foibles make us that much more genuine and winsome, as opposed to the linen company I continue to resent for falling short of their obligations week after week.

Still, our own experience with staffing makes me sympathetic to their plight, enough so that I’m not yet playing the breach-of-contract card and getting out of our relationship altogether. That said, it would be nice if paper towels that fit our dispensers showed up today. Really nice.

Today finds us, if short of paper towels, long on hope anyhow. There’s a new guy who started Saturday who’s already returned, twice, which puts him on the narrow outer reaches of the bell curve, and another two who have yet to come in to work their respective stages, but at least they sent references and appear to have the intention of following through and showing up here at some point.

In the meantime, the lean crew that remains has managed to put together everything for the September menu,


which includes some new ideas but some old friends as well (welcome back, crispy duck salad.) We’ve also managed to get this Saturday’s wine tasting lined up

Meanwhile, on the other side of the equator…

and we’re hoping we have enough hands on deck to handle Sonoran Restaurant Week.

Sonoran Restaurant Week 2023

Whatever the case, we’ll keep at it, as we’ve been doing, and keep looking for a manageable sort of normalcy on the horizon. See you soon, though with any luck not all at once.



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