The universe has got my back.

Dear Feastlings,

Yesterday threw me into a mild panic. Not because of anything too grave, just a mild panic at how much I needed (and clearly wasn’t going) to accomplish. With Cory gone for a month and a half and Mary Ann gone for two weeks and change, possibly the most foolish thing I could have done was take a long weekend myself, but I did, and I found myself yesterday wondering how I’d handle being behind on not only my own work, but two other people’s work as well. Mercifully, mild panic is a relatively constant state of being for me, so I handled it without much drama.

As luck would have it, today is wine rep day, and two of the people I see each Thursday have bowed out today, allowing me to catch up on this email and the post for this Saturday’s wine tasting,

La Prevista

for which I finished writing food pairings yesterday in between interviewing bartenders and waiting on no-show interviews from saute cooks, putting away all the obscure allocations of wine that won’t fit on the list (or at least in the refrigerator,) and getting last-minute items ordered in for next week’s new menu, which also still isn’t finished. Procrastination is still procrastination even if you find yourself putting something off because something else needs to be done sooner.

Whatever the case, I’m confident we’ll get this finished; of the nearly three hundred times we’ve changed the menu over the years, we’ve been late exactly once, and it’s my intention to keep us held to that number.

So watch for another email when we change the menu next week, and in the meantime, come join us for this tasting of intriguing Italian wines and their accompanying snacks. And we’ll just somehow get it all done.

Thanks, everybody.



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